frog fishing
Willows Pond

Come with me to willows pond
where restless willows sway
dancing to a giddy breeze
while frogs on lily pads play

toss in a tiny pebble
close your eyes and make a wish
careful now throw easy
you might scare the fish

try out the water barefoot
can you see the tiny minnows
don't you think it tickles
when they nibble on your toes

when evening shadows deepen
night sounds can be heard
nestlings safely tucked
beneath wings of mother birds

fish break water with a slap
to catch their evening meal
frogs sit patiently waiting
for fish food they would steal

fireflies in undaunted passion
illuminate the sky
did you know each has a signal
to attract a gal or guy

come with me to willows pond
share the magic of this place
where life abounds in natures plan
uncaring of the human race

MjG © 5/98