The Old Trunk

I went to the attic where the old trunk waited
enshrouded in cobwebs quite antiquated
brushing the cobwebs to the side
eager to view what the old trunk would hide

lifting the lid in that corner of gloom
a bare lightbulb the only light in the room
all was clean and neat with a scent of spice
a pure silk wedding gown a tiny bag of rice

a picture of bride and groom so lovely was she
embracing each other the love you could see
love letters tied with a satin ribbon of blue
envelopes that had yellowed to an ivory hue

the satin blue bow I gently untied
anxious to read what was written inside
in one of the envelopes this poem I found
the paper was yellowed but otherwise sound
(continued below)

William I knew you liked me from the very first day
but I never thoughtI would ever hear you say
I love you so much and want you for my wife
your everything I want or need in my life
my answer to you is yes - my dream has come true
for my Dearest William, I have alway's loved you

enclosed with the poem were the petals of a rose
that William had given her the day he proposed
to the safety of the trunk I returned them with care
just the way they were Clare

MjG.© 7/95