I wonder..
were things really so great
way back when
we seem to glamourize the past
well listen up my friend

the outhouse had no flusher
the odor was quite alarmin
the toilet paper was harsh
they didn't..
squeeze the charmin

would you heat the water
use a washboard rough
forget the manicure baby
being a woman was tough

there were no emergency rooms
or doctors to feed your cold
castor oil and black strap molasses
were given to young and old

young men went to war
some returned to the fold
others never came home
those that did, were old

divorce wasn't unheard of
infidelity always existed
they even had their whores
for men who were twisted

trouble came with the times
thieves and killers too
crooked politicians
waiting to turn the screw

we live in childhood memories
wonder what grandma would say
or grandpa when they went to bed
worn out from a long work day

there were no easy times
today or yesterday not
it's still
survival of the fittest
have you forgot

MjG..© 1/2001