The House

Shaded by a giant oak
hidden from the road by pines
the house that once was a home
now camouflaged by vines

silence broken by the drone of a bee
air heavy with a rotting stench
wood decaying in dampened earth
unable to dry when drenched

inside the house were remnants
left over from yesteryear
peeling and faded flowered paper
once covered the walls to cheer

newspapers shifted in the wind
wrens flitted through windows bare
floorboards loose and missing
mudwasp tunnels built everywhere

standing alone in the silence
listening to echos of the past
laughter of children playing
footsteps moving fast

the bannister showed wear
a boys favorite place
polished by the seat of his pants
as he slid down to win the race

heading toward the doorway
I could feel them watching me
this family from another time
now just a memory

MjG © 2/98