The Auction

Who will bid on this fine rocking chair
none so new will ever compare
do I hear one dollar do I hear two
let the bidding begin any start will do

a young pregnant woman called out a three
the auctioneer happy a bid he could see
an antique dealer with crafty eye
scanned the chair for it's re-sale high

$25.00 dollars for that chair so fine
the dealer bid with a win in mind
alas the young woman knew she had lost
no way was she able to meet the cost

$25.00 dollars once - $25.00 dollars twice
the auctioneers gavel snapped to entice
all eyes traveled to the young womans face
hoping once more she could join the race

a distinguished gentleman standing near
listened to the clamor of the auctioneer
with unflinching emotion raised his hand
$100.00 dollars his shouted command

the antique dealer shook his head in disgust
at $100.00 dollars the chair wasn't a must
eyes turned to the rear just in time to see
the old gent pass money to the mother to be

hurry he said go pay for your chair
when she returned he no longer was there
where did he go she inquired of the rest
a woman stepped forward her hand she pressed

accept your gift my dear young friend
I doubt you will see the old gent again
look in this box of old photos I bought
the picture of the chair directly on top

a young woman sitting holding a child
a man standing beside tall and proud
old gent and the youth one and the same
an auction mystery enclosed in a frame

MjG.© 7/2002